Unlimited Everything!

You can make an unlimited number of links with any account - including the free one. Organize them by group, add notes and use our search feature to find them quickly.

With a premium account you can track unlimited clicks and we'll keep the data for a full 30 days. Your links will never expire.

With a free account, your links are good for 7 days or 100 clicks.

Real-time Reporting

Every account (even the free one) gets access to the heart and soul of our tracking system - the line item report. This real-time report gives you detailed tracking information about every single click your link receives, as it happens.

You get valuable tracking information including when the link was clicked, where it came from, the search keywords used, the IP address of the visitor and more.

Charts and Graphs

Get free real-time graphs so you can clearly visualize your link activity and see where you're getting the most response.

With this level of visual reporting you can view a complete account overview of all your statistics, or drill down into each individual link to see when it got the most clicks, and where your traffic is coming from.

Charts and graphs like this come with every single Linktrack account - including the free ones.

Change Your Links Anytime

Whether you're an internet marketing genius, a rabid social networker, tracking click-throughs on your bulk mail campaign, or if you're just curious about who's clicking what, Linktrack is built with you in mind.

With any premium account, you get complete control over lots of configurable options, all in one place.

Turn your links on and off, point them to a new destination or add new options any time.

Get Click Alert Emails

With any premium account you can get real-time click alert emails every time your link is clicked! Click alert emails contain vital tracking information and can help you follow up on hot leads, gauge your marketing campaigns, or prompt you to check your affiliate statistics.

Don't want to get an email for every click? Professional account holders can set an alert threshold and receive a single email notification when their link reaches a certain number of clicks.

Conversion Tracking

Try a Professional account to track sales, email signups, page visits and more with our easy to use conversion tracking option.

Alternate and Custom Domains

Do you love our service, but hate our domain name? No problem!

With a Professional account, you can use any of our alternative domain names for your tracking links.

If you already have a domain you want to use just point it at our site and add it to your account. You'll be able to use all of our great features and maintain your brand at the same time!

Look for more details on our blog.

Share Your Tracking Pages

We built this feature specifically for customers who had their own clients and wanted to share their tracking data with them.

With any premium account, just select the "public tracking" option for your link and share the tracking page with your client. They'll be able to view the same real-time reports any time they want!

Vanity Links

You can make custom vanity links http://linktrack.info/my_vanity_link with any premium account.

Downloadable Reports

With a Professional account, you can download your data any time for offline use. Use this feature to keep data longer than 30 days, send it to clients, or do custom analysis.

Reports are available in .csv format for use with Microsoft Excel or your favorite spreadsheet program. You can view a sample report here.

Track Unique Visitors

With a Professional account, we'll analyze your tracking data and tell you which visitors are unique.

IP Addresses and Location

With any premium account, you can view the real-time location and geographic data for every visitor.

Reset Your Tracking Data

Premium account holders can reset tracking data to zero at any time.

Password Protection

With a Basic or Professional account, you can password protect your tracking links. Anyone using the link will need to know the password to proceed to its final destination.

Check out the demonstration on our blog.

Plus+ Tracking

If you have a Professional account, you can use our exclusive Plus+ Tracking feature to create special use tracking campaigns and sub-campaigns within your accout.

Read more about Plus+ Tracking on our blog.

Set Your Own Expiration Dates

Want your links to automatically expire on a specific date?

You can set your own custom expiration dates with any premium account.

Automatically Deactivate Your Links

With a Professional account, you can set your links to automatically deactivate after a certain number of clicks.

HTTPS Domains

With an Agency account, you can leverage our platform's alternate domains that have HTTPS enabled. You can find a complete list of domain names configured to work with our service here.

I Want More!

Want to take your link tracking to the next level? With a premium account you can:

  • Create links that never expire.
  • Turn your links on and off whenever you want.
  • Create custom or vanity links like http://linktrack.info/my_site.
  • Change your link's final destination.
  • Get an alert email when someone clicks your link.
  • Add password protection to your links to control who has access.
  • Set your own link expiration dates (great for limited time offers).
  • Download your data for offline use.

All of our premium accounts can make an unlimited number of links that won't expire.

There are no contracts or hidden fees - cancel any time. Upgrade your account today, or email us if you have any questions.